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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 28, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> otherwise known as alisyn camerota. >> i can't stand that. >> when slower cars purposely speed up when you're passing them. >> i can't stand that. >> fox news alert, secret files of white house secret no more. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. a treasure trove of documents released. much of the 30,000 documents once exempt from the public eye are now passed the 12-year limit set by presidential records act. in the next few weeks the clinton library executived to release the remainder of those papers. one of the many interesting items former first lady hillary clinton had an avert to the national media saying, quote, we
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were so successful during the 1992 campaign and implementing this strategy, i think it's time to return to this strategy to reacquaint people with hillary clinton. hillary is comfortable with local reporters and enjoyed speaking with them. this will help get around the aversion of national media and counter the tone of the national media. documents how bill clinton ran his administration and shedding light on the role first lady had on decisions. revelations that could impact her own run for the white house. my guest today, this stuff is coming out in drips right now, coming out in realtime. some of the other revelation, other than she doesn't like media, she's rentsching health care. the clinton white house transparent about using veterans as political pawns to pass
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health care reforms. we hear health care and there's a lot of eyes on this. >> that particular thing i haven't finished reading through the particular health care section, 182 documents in that section, that goes to a criticism she's faced in the past before as clintons known as being political operatives. that's something she's run into as a challenge in the past where people said every decision she makes is a political one, what came out of robert gates book. people brought that up to say a political operative. it would go to that as well. >> another document says she needs to be more conversational when she's asking questions in public, if they sounds like she was giving a speech -- a lot of stuff you would expect from anybody who is a politician. >> the process politicians go through to get before the media. it makes sense they would go through careful processes. what's interesting about documents, particularly health care ones i started reading
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through. a lot of correspondence from chris jennings. it goes to show you how active she was in that administration. other documents, pushback saying her past doesn't really matter. i always thought she's such an active first lady in arkansas and white house in policy it clearly didn't matter. some of the stuff coming out reiterates that. >> specifically hillary care never passed but it will be interesting for people to look at all these documents and see how similar her thoughts were with regard to hillary care versus what we ended up with for obamacare and whether or not that factors into whether she decides to run. >> so far i've seen in the health reform section what they discussed, they had a big media strategy to work with congress. that's interesting because that is something president obama is seen as not doing well because he pushed through with a partisan agenda. that's interesting. also concerns about what if the cbo report comes up and i think
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the word was screw us like they did on the budget. clearly that's been a problem with this administration of late. i think that's interesting that was something mentioned and out lined. that's on the top 25 papers of hillary clinton on health care reform. >> it's so interesting. it's going to take two weeks to download all of this information. >> that's what they are saying, low staff, so takes longer to put up the rest of those 30,000 documents. they are trickling out, the first 5,000. if it were me, i'd be like lets put them all out now but looks like a couple weeks. >> thanks for initial analysis. we'll talk more about it. in fact we'll taub more with our political panel. fine print in the obamacare law that could mean more than a huge headache for doctors. a new system for injuries and diagnoses requiring a code from
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everything from suicide by jellyfish to collision with a horse drawn carriage. why are they doing this? >> the obama administration said lead to more specific reporting by doctors and hospital, reduce billing fraud and help identify disease outbreaks faster. icd 10, tenth version of international classifications of diseases list. take a look at the sheer number of diagnosis codes, going up from 14,000 to 69,000, including additions for people who commit suicide by jellyfish or injured in a horse drawn carriage or injured by a spacecraft, increasing from 13,000 to 85,000. there is a deadline to implement all the new codes. the head of the centers for medicare and medicaid services said, quote, there will be no change in the deadline.
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tavenner degree to do end to end testing of the system for the next five months. gretchen. >> i can't imagine what has the reaction been from the medical community thus far. >> a lot of anxiety. while american medical association, ama said they are pleased end to end testing of the system, the group went on to say they continue to earn cms to reconsider icd-10 mandate during a time when physicians are struggling to keep up with many other costly federal mandates. according to a recent affirm ma cost study, mandated implementation of icd-10 code set alone will be dramatically more expensive for most physician practices than previously estimated. some doctors already are saying this new system is extremely complicated. >> it's going to be time consuming. for me i will be spending way more time adapting to changes as
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well as my staff. that means less time for patients. >> supporters say it's necessary to update a medical coding system over 30 years old. gretchen. >> wow, sounds like a lot of paperwork to me. thanks very much. fox news alert, growing crisis in ukraine. gunmen seizing airports in crimea region were tied to russia strong. taking up positions around a coast guard base there, too. this as the country's ousted president speaks for the first time since he fled his palace for russia. u.s. warning russia not to in flame the situation. >> reports are a deep concern to the united states. as secretary kerry said and ambassador rice said intervention would be a grave mistake. we call on russia to respect its
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international obligations made under the u.n. charter to refrain from the threat or use of force against territorial integrity or independence of any state profit live in kiev. katie. >> we're getting reports airspace over crimea has been closed. armed men in combat uniforms have seized the international airport there as well as a military airfield in that region. similarly reports from a tv station, crimea tv, their editor in chief says their building has been tormd by armed men. a teleconcompany in the region says they are unable to contact their units in the crimea. the british foreign office urged all of eight citizens in that region to leave the area by commercial means. if you heard the white house saying they are investigating, seeking classification on the origin of these armed men and
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warning in strongest possible terms any intervention they say would be a grave mistake. moscow denies these are their troops, these are people, defense militia merely protecting their interest in the ukraine. real concerns, real tensions, rhetoric rising, military assets appear to be moving in the crimea region. >> katie reporting live from kiev, ukraine. a series of explosions rocking the streets of a big city. what police say happened here to cause this. president obama having a cold one back on the campaign trail. this is 2012, folks. why this very same restaurant chain is making its customers help cover the cost of obamacare now. plus another day at the office. how the president and vp are promoting physical fitness. does it make you want to get in a workout? our political plan will flex their muscles starting with glutes. glutes, gentlemen, glutes. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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fox news alert, back to our top story, thousands of documents about the clinton white house. here is one of those memos, quote, one extraordinary important goal of any health reform proposal is to design it in such a way that a vote against the clinton health reform initiative is a vote against veterans of the veterans represent one of the strongest lobbying forces in washington and we need them on our air. host of alan combs radio shot, gallagher, both fox news contributor. what do you make of that? >> it speaks to the sheer political raw ambition of both bill and frankly hillary clinton. we're going to figure out a way.
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a candidate, opponent of hillary will say, wait a minute, you used veterans as a political pawn to score points like this. this is one segment of the population nobody likes to see manipulated. this is one individual nobody likes to see used as a political pawn. doesn't bode well for hillary. >> inside the beltway, don't all politicians strategize like this. >> there's nothing new about this. no news here. this is something, as we've just demonstrated by my good friend mike here will try to extrapolate, beat up on clinton. so afraid of hillary being the 2016 candidate, you have people like rand paul bringing in monica lewinsky again. anything you can grasp. by the way, do it now, because so far away from 2016 it's not going to make a difference. >> this is happening in
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realtime. they are being downloaded in realtime. we're just starting to get a sneak peek. >> anything the right can do to any sentence in or out of context to hurt hillary clinton is what they will do. >> this is what it's all about. you don't think hillary will do the same to any republican candidate. >> so far. >> who is better at it. >> a popular florida restaurant chain says you will have to help them pay for obama care now. >> we've got the signs posted at the front door, present our guests with this. we help they understand, it's not about a political statement but keeping full-time employees. >> taking a bite out of customer's walt with a 1% surcharge they say to offset providing health care for employees. wait a minute, i'm still reading this. check this out, president obama has been to gator's. he made an unscheduled stop at the orlando gator's in 2012.
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>> that's why he wanted to stop. don't remind everybody he went there once. >> thank you so much for admitting your foible from the start. what do you make of the fact a 1% surcharge. are customers going to keep going back to gator's. >> it's a political statement. >> she said it wasn't. >> she must be telling the truth. >> a political statement. >> read the story and you'll see $500,000 a year is what this chain is going to have to pay because of the obamacare man day. that's really money, allen. is about the bottom line. >> where else should people come up with the money? >> what some businesses have done is have their employees go to the exchanges and get health care there. then they can cover the cost if their employees can get better coverage for cheaper amounts of
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money. >> change the $500,000 surcharge basically that the business has to come up with. they are going to make somebody pay for it. what are they doing to do? >> i answered the question, how else can the business go about getting health care for its employees. >> the whole mission from the beginning was to push as many people onto the exchanges as possible. >> what some businesses are doing, having them go and cover it for employees. >> check out president obama and vice president biden doing their support to support lets move campaign starring in their very own workout video. all right. now, these guys apparently work out in their dress shirts and ties and run around the white house. mike. >> gretchen, if you put in george bush's face over president obama in that cheesy, hokey, stupid video, the media
11:18 am
would go berzerk, making fun, mocking. i'm telling you, clinton used to be called teflon. nothing sticks to these guys. that was the single dumbest guys. at least put your sweats on. >> you don't think this makes them relatable. >> shirts and ties and dress shoes, why not put on sweats. >> you whined if it reversed we'd be whining and you're whining about it. you're mocking it. >> if you don't like dress shirts and ties, maybe you like this better. nancy pelosi and kathleen sebelius. dancy pelosi is how she tweeted out. >> i think the toronto mayor is much better at it. >> do they twerk? is twerking allowed by the former speaker. >> hopefully not. i can tell you one thing, everyone in the administration is in shape today. >> i'm in no position to make fun of anybody working out. this is a bad topic for me but
11:19 am
i'm trying. >> mike and alan, have a great weekend. >> in the effort to honor military, we share a story heartwarming and hard breaking. one man's mission to bring love and comfort to family members and it starts with a little bear. also the housing market on the mend. home builders say something crucial happens to be missing. what's holding them back? major universities saying they are going to allow booze to be sold at sporting events reversing a long-standing rule. that brings us to the question of the day. should colleges sell booze at sporting events. tweet me with #therealstory, we'll read your comments at the end of the show. ♪
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authorities in ohio trying to get to the bottom of a series of underground explosions. blowing covers off manholes in downtown columbus early this morning, flames shooting out of the ground. government offices and some businesses had to close for the day. authorities saying they believe a problem with an electric company's equipment may be to blame. luckily no one was hurt. tasked with a big mission, comforting loved ones who lost heroes. handmade for those that paid the ultimate price and given for free, arizona hearts program. retired master sergeant leon, the president and ceo of fallen warrior bears and the mother of fallen soldier from the 101st airborne division. thank you both for being here today. >> thank you. >> our pleasure.
11:24 am
i thank you. >> charles, i brought along your bears you have been providing to families of fallen soldiers. charles, let me start with you. why did you decide to do this and how did you come up with the idea? >> as i said, i served 20 years in the air force. i had experiences during that time. my late wife's brother was in the tenth mountain division in northern italy january 25th, 1945. he went on patrol and he's still on patrol and listed as mia. i saw the debilitating issue with my mother-in-law, that she could never have even the opportunity to bury her son. while i was in the service, i had the distinct honor to unfortunately escort one of my
11:25 am
members of my unit back to his home because he was killed in an unfortunate accident. >> okay. >> so with that in mind, a friend of mine talking about what we could do for survivors. i was down se survivors outreach services program here in phoenix. and as we would say the flag is presented, taps are played, after the sound of the last note, we kind of forget about what happened. survivors are no longer considered. so we put this together and the idea came about having a bear made with clothing of the individual we honored. >> such an amazing idea because it's something the families can hold onto. that's where i want to bring in
11:26 am
phyllis. phyllis, you just lost your son nine months ago. our hearts do out to you and we're so sorry for your loss. >> thank you. >> i can't imagine to feel like to know this bear you hold in your hands is the actual clothing of your son. >> yes. it means a lot to me because after we lost our son, his personal effects starting arriving, so we have trunks of his uniforms and didn't know what to do with them but didn't want to give them away because they belonged to him. when i was approached in phoenix that charles established this organization where they would make a bearing out of my son's old uniforms, i jumped at it. i thought it was a worthy cause and a way to have a memento of my son rather than it being placed in a trunk. they put together this wonderful little bear that has all offist
11:27 am
tabs on it. these were the tabs that belonged to my son. he received a purple heart and bronze star. we got miniature ones to put on the bear. his head was big enough that my son's beret will fit on it as well. >> i know nothing will bring your son back to phyllis, but to know you're holding a bear that has his clothes on. if anything can bring closures, you're thankful for charles. you've sent out 90 of these bears, outstanding work you have done for our fallen stories. we continue to honor the military on our show here. thank you so much to both of you. >> donations, az hearts for i'd like to go national with the program. >> thank you so much. i'll put that up on my twitter as well. all the best. a first amendment flap over
11:28 am
american flag t-shirts. students them inside out -- really? -- or go home what a federal appeals court ruled on the case. construction on the rise after the housing crash. labor issue some builders are now facing. five reportedly hacking millions of web cam users. what a new report reveals about the privacy violation. could they see you nude. mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protecon. and because usaa'commitment to serve current and former military members andheir families is without equal.
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if you or someone you love has afib not caused by a heart valve problem... ...ask your doctor about reducing the risk of stroke with pradaxa. time now for a quick check of the headlines. german officials don't expect to reach a no spy deal with washington. angela merkel wanted a deal in the wake of allegations the u.s. was spying on allies including claims of her cell phone. california did not violate rights of students when they made them turn their american flag t-shirts inside out during a cinco de mayo celebration over fears of possible violence. lawyers for students wearing the t-shirts say they will appeal the ruling. in california, much of the state dealing with record drought. all the rain raising fears of flooding and deadly mudslides. new outrage of the reported hacking of web cam feeds belonging to millions of yahoo!
11:33 am
users. "guardian" reporting u.s. spy agencies intercepted and stored image from 2008 including nude photos. documents leakedly whistleblower edward snowden. it would appear a surprising number of people use web cam conversations to show intimate parts of their body to the other person. editor-at-large mashable decrease and an expert in this area. not in the expert of nude photos on web cam but certainly an expert in why this could have happened. why did they use yahoo!. what was wrong with their systems. >> yahoo! did not encrypt the situation. it was plain flat blank easy to read. if i chopped it up and scattered it around, it would be hard to reconstitute. these images it goes out flat as
11:34 am
it is toelgtly readable. that's why the nsa would do after it. they are looking for low hanging fruit, something easy because they cast a very wide net to see as much as possible. >> obviously we're supposed to assume that terrorists were communicating on their web cams potentially but in the meantime, we've got a bunch of nude people and nude foot oss. this probably goes to the top of the list with regard to a privacy invasion. >> the thing i keep telling people, if you don't want something to end up in the public, you probably don't want to do it online. unfortunately a lot of people use web cams to share private photos, allows you to broadcast to multiple people at the same time, which makes it a better platform for that kind of use if you're running an adult web cam. >> that will change as a result of that. >> yahoo! encrypting everything. they promise to enkrift all their services going forward. maybe they were planning this
11:35 am
but now coming forward. talking about google hangout, facetime, skype, those have been encrypted so you don't have to worry. >> yahoo! is saying, look, this is total invasion of privacy. our customers will be mad at us. another quote, the software allows more than one person as you were alluding to view a web cam stream without a reciprocal stream appears sometimes to be used for broadcasting pornography. maybe that was the intent in this 3 to 7% of sexually explicit photos that ended up in this gathering. nonetheless, isn't that somebody's private business what they want to do? >> that's the thing, whether sending one person or ten people, that's the group seeing it. nsa and british spy agency went in the milling, tapped into the fibre optic and basically pulled
11:36 am
those images out of there. it seems fairly indiscriminate, 1.8 million images. they were really casting that wide net. i don't know what they were looking for. i assume malfactors and found, wow, a lot of people use this for poor. >> unfortunately i've got to leave it there. the program called optic nerve. all right. thanks so much. >> my pleasure. time to check in with shepard smith reporting live from the news desk. shep, do you cover your web cam? >> i do. we do all these weird stories. i don't want anybody to get any cheap thrills out of that thing. >> i hear you. >> have you been to mcdonald's lately? >> yes. i've got kids. >> that's true. you do. we're going to do the big stories of the day, talk about ukraine and all that stuff. this story out of california caught our eyes. dude goes to mcdonald's, orders food, sits down, comes back to get more napkins. the manager told him no.
11:37 am
that led to all kinds of craziness including him having so much emotional distress he couldn't work anymore. now he's suing mcdonald's for $1.5 million because he didn't get enough napkins for his quarter pounder deluxe with cheese. $1.5 million. you'll meet him at the top of the hour. shepard smith reporting. >> thanks a lot, shep. we'll be watching. >> housing crash took its toll on cities across the country. a recovery in the works and rising prices bringing back home builders who say the recovery would be faster except they are having a hard time finding enough skilled labor. phil live in miami. phil, how serious is this problem? >> well, gretchen, the seriousness and impact and severity of the skilled labor shortage will really be seen when we see how robust the current rebound is. we're on the 11th floor of this high-rise condo tower. these are skilled laborers. a fire prevention guy. these guys are framers getting
11:38 am
ready for dry wall to come in. as far as the economy growing and developers developing, there really is depending on wild card of skilled laborer. each critical position is needed right now. two-thirds of general contractors around the country worry they will not find enough people to fill all the jobs. >> the irony is that the places that were hardest hit during the construction downturn, cities like miami, phoenix, las vegas, parts of the central valley in california are the exact same areas that now that they are grog again are having a hard time finding skilled workers. reemphasizing the value and necessity of trade and vocational schools in america, that's something else the construction industry really wants to see happen. over the past 20, 30 years, a deemphasis of trade schools and vocational schools, people that build things with their hands, more an encouragement of the
11:39 am
younger generation to get a four-year degree and that way under the circumstances a bachelor's degree and do some sort of office job, gretchen. >> cool setting you've got today, phil. how many of these jobs have actually come back? >> we lost about 2 million jobs back in the great recession started '08, bottomed out in 2010. a lot of jobs returned. this project employing quite a few of them, hundreds of them, as a matter of fact. a lot of the construction industry workers left the industry back in 2010, 2011 to go in the energy sector. some of them retired. the money again pouring into the economy in south florida, vageg, phoenix, money pouring in, things rising up again. best we've seen 2006, '07, high-rise frames in the city. this the view you'll have once it's up and down. that's miami beach in the distance. look from blochlt you can see
11:40 am
once it's complete 43 stories tall with commanding views of miami. gretchen. >> thanks for making us all jealous in the northeast. we're getting another snowstorm sunday and monday. thanks, phil. take it in. all right. see you, buddy. ever wish you could talk tower dog? we'll show you technology turning fido's thoughts into sentences. the underdog wins but the victory celebration didn't last for long. who should be able to buy booze at college events? should everyone. one of the country's biggest schools given the test. our man panel will break down the pros and cons but mostly the pros, i think. hi, guys.
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... ... ... ... ... ... ...
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time to check out what america is cooking on. the sandwich chain quiznos preparing to face bankruptcy, facing unhappy employees and $6 million in debt. lebron looking more like a superhero donning a snazzy mask as protection for a broken nose. he had 30 points helping them burn up the knicks. upset win very upset in a basketball game, mexico state and utah valley state. it ended with fists flying. it began when players shofg each other around. it escalated when fans rushed the court and got involved in the melee. speaking of sports, imagine going to a sporting event you can't cheer. that's what happened. parents who made noise cheering for their kids literally went to a penalty box for one minute.
11:45 am
the man behind this said by eliminating cheering he intended to get rid of negativity. joining me the official d.j. for miami heat and lebron. host, author of "country music broke my brain" national famous and fabulous stars. great panel today. i'll start with you. you know the heat and you know sports. what do you make of the fact parents had to sit there. apparently they could clap but could not use their voices at all. >> that's terrible, absolutely terrible. listen, this is a sports environment, right. we want the kids to be competitive, right. these are future athletes, maybe even future pro athletes. guess what, they are not going to be quiet when playing for miami heat, when playing for the rangers. >> we know they are talking a lot of trash on the court. andy, there's been situations
11:46 am
where parents got in fist fights, became way too vocal, horrible role models. >> this isn't one of those situations. this looks like a solution in search of a problem. no one said there are parents that ar problem. if you want to eliminate negativity and negative stuff, do that. don't completely eliminate being able to vocally cheer for your kids. that's un-american. >> apparently 15 parents went to the doghouse. one of the parents said, now i know what it feels like when i give my kids time-out because i got one. >> nothing wrong with punishing parents, if grandma is kneecapping jimmy, it's going to ruin the game. you're taking all the fun out of it for grandma and grandpa. >> soccer games for my daughter, the coach has told me not to say, get her. get her. i don't mean for her to actually get her in that way.
11:47 am
>> gretchen, don't you? >> well, i'm a hockey mom. all three of you think this is maybe over the line. >> too pc. >> he's right. there's no problem. >> if they are being vulgar. >> big change on the way at the university of texas. the school testing a plan to start selling alcohol now at sporting events. the school's athletic director saying this trial in effect this spring for all remaining men's and women's basketball and soft bear games at the texas relays. we could look into expanding sports events next fall provided the outcome of the trial is positive. all right, jerry. you want to be able to order your bill when you go to the game? >> i have a book out about country music. if anybody knows about drinking -- it seems to me you're moving the drinking inside. >> exactly. >> if there's beer near, kids will drink.
11:48 am
they will drink in the parking lot and come in and be there more. >> they make it, andy, as if underage kids are not going to be allowed to buy the beer there. that's what they are trying to accomplish here. i guess the whole theory is maybe people won't party hardy before they come into the game. >> obviously this is no drinking at college sporting event where they sold beer. when i was in college, there's absolutely no way we would sneak booze into a game brf he said that with a stone cold face. >> it's something college kids learn to do. >> of course they should do thchl the school makes money. people over 21 don't have to worry about sneaking stuff in. undergrads still get exhilaration from sneaking booze in. it's win, win, win. >> it's happening anyway. you know what i mean? >> i got a personal letter from mr. budweiser. >> because you gave him so much business? >> absolutely. >> all three of you, wow, we've
11:49 am
had a hat trick on both of the panel discussions today. three for three and three for three. >> well put. >> very painful having to associate with somebody from the miami heat. >> this old thing. can we just go ahead -- >> i'm going it. >> did you ever wonder what your dog was thinking? this little guy looks like he has a lot on his mind. what if he could tell you what's doing him looking so intense. turns out he may be able to talk soon. when you have diabetes like i do, you want a way to help minimize blood sugar spikes. support heart health. and your immune system. now there's new glucerna advance with three benefits in one.
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a company called four he cans working on ways to make wooden products with a 3-d printer. this stool required no human help to be made or assembled. amazing. some some day windows, picture frames and other wood surface maize have built in electronics and sensors that can sense when someone is touching it. new technology could allow your pooch to give you a piece of their mind. it's what so many dog owners have wanted to know, just what was their dog thinking? wonder no more. scientist scabbed nave -- scandanavia working on an invention aiming to turn your dog's thoughts into sentences. trace gallagher has more. what is the would have -- woof
11:54 am
on this? >> i don't know i want my doing giving me the what-for. they put head sets on the dog and it picks up on electronic signals in the dog's brain waves, and then they actually they can the signals -- look at these pictures. actually take the signals and analyze the patterns, and they decipher those patterns into very distinct feelings. those feelings are translated into short sentence is, announced over a very small loud speaker like, i'm tired, i'm hungry, et cetera. here's more. >> we could measure the brain activity or if it's like a less brain activity, and we translate that into if the dog is curious, tired. so, at this level, it's very basic. but, of course, i think with more research on this topic we will be able to decipher and to
11:55 am
distinguish more patterns. >> clearly different dogs have different brain waves but the head set is hoping to come up with the most common patterns and use those to make up the short sentences. we haven't not actually heard a dog speak because the maker still has some hurdles to overcome, like exactly how do you hook up the sensors into the dog's brain without crossing the ethical line and having animal rights activist goes crazy. the head sets are not for sale but you can preorder them for anywhere from $65 to $1,200. do you need to spend a thousand bucks to have your dog tell you he is hungry? if they work they'll maybe make them for humans and turn your brain wave symbols into barks so your dog can figure it out. >> the dog doesn't give a rip what we're trying to say but i want to know, where are the ten bone is just bought? where is the sweater?
11:56 am
do you fled to outside to go to the bagroom for the second time? i love this technology. >> a man declared dead, put in a body bag, sent to the funeral home. then things get interesting. >> they put him in the plastic bag, zippered him open, took him and put him in the hearse.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> they say dead men tell noteless but one has an incredible story. walter williams, declared dead by a coroner in mississippi. a funeral home came and took him away. his family began mourning but two hours later they were rejoice because he was alive. >> they put him in a plastic bag, zippered him up and put him in the hearse. >> they said his legs started
12:00 pm
moving. >> hallhallelujah. >> we're told the coroner is calling it a miracle. >> i'll be a guest on bill o'reilly's show this evening, picking the pinhead of the week. so tune in tonight. now here's shep. >> there is breaking news now on fox news channel. the united nations security council is set to meet in an emergency closed door session. the crisis ukraine. ukraine is claiming vladimir putin's forces invaded the country, and the white house says if that is true it would about be a, quote, grave mistake. let's get to it. >> good friday afternoon to you and yours. there is a crisis that is fast developing. the united states is losing patience with
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